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Why fluorescent colours are so bright?

We are able to see just the middle part of the colour spectrum. Low-energy infrared and high-energy ultraviolet is invisible to our eyes, but fluorescent or neon colours absorb these wavelengths together with the “normal” one and reflects them together. This way our eyes perceive a far more intense colour. Clear “normal” colour can reflect up to 90% of a colour present in the spectrum but fluorescent colour reflects 200% to 300%.

Thanks to this feature, wearing a fluorescent high visibility vest or other garment makes you way more visible and safe during the daytime than wearing common colour garments.

Fluorescent colours are specially made and one cannot paint, print or dye something to be fluorescent with usual colours. Neither the screen can display it.

Fluorescent or neon colours are usually orange, yellow, green, red, pink, and blue. So pick your favourite and be safe on the road!