How to dress for winter running?

by | Jan 15, 2021 | jogging, Safety on road | 0 comments

– Keep your head and hands warm
– Wear a base layer
– Wear shoes with traction
– Underdress by a few degrees
– Stay visible

On some occasions, the seasons seem to change overnight. Although the winter running doesn’t have to be that bad. Equip yourself with the right outfit and mindset, you cannot just continue training as usual, but you can crush your workouts.


Instead of choosing the cozy comforts of your home – or powering up the treadmill – check out these dressing tips when the cold season is there.


Keep warm, especially your head and hands

While it has been proven false that you lose the most heat through your head, it’s still a good plan to keep your head and ears warm in the cold. Wear a thick running beanie or earmuffs, which you can also easily stuff in your pockets if you get hot while running. Also, wear gloves for running. We have no idea how people can run without gloves during the cold season. Even with running gloves, your fingers eventually can get stiff and cold.


Wear a base layer

A base layer is ideal for any cold weather run because it keeps your body as warm as a thick coat would while being significantly less cumbersome, and besides, it wicks away moisture. Wear a base layer top and bottom, and from there add extra layers based on weather conditions.


Wear shoes with traction

While running, avoid paths with snow and ice. If you’re running on snow, however, wear running shoes with good traction, and pair them with warm, comfortable running socks that keep your feet dry. Also, be focused—the path will likely have slippery areas as well.


Underdress by a few degrees

You should dress for warmth, but you shouldn’t dress like you’re about to climb Mount Everest. While running, your body temperature increases—if you wear too much, and it’ll get mad hot very fast.


Stay visible

In the dark and cold season, always remember your safety and wear an Angico vest. You can choose a slightly larger size to fit perfectly with your other clothes.