Running on ice tips

by | Dec 18, 2018 | jogging, Safety on road | 0 comments

If you love running, you know that weather is not a reason to stop doing that. When low temperature comes, slippery surface might surprise your feet so here are some tips to keep you safe against falling and stay strong during your run.

1) Wear shoes with the best soles.

It might be wet and dirty outside, and you want to use your old trainers to keep your newest kicks looking shiny. Please, don’t. The older the shoe, the drier and more flat the sole and thus, worse the grip with the surface.

2) Choose the safest route with less ice.

Plan a route that you know will be cleaned. Pathways near the main roads are usually clean as well as those near the government and municipality buildings.

3) Land your feet right beneath your hips.

Keeping your centre of gravity as stable as possible will help you avoid slipping. This technique will slow you down a bit but, hey, falling and injuring yourself is worse than that.

4) See everything on your way.

It is crucial to see your path when running, especially in slippery conditions. Cap with a longer visor, glasses, head torch are some of the ideas that will help you see the best spot to land your feet safely.

5) Be visible to others on the road.

Bad weather usually comes together with decreased visibility. Make sure that others can see you – use high visibility (fluorescent) and reflective garment. Wear a hi-vis vest over your sport garment.

6) If the weather is too bad, use plan B.

You are a strong one, we knowBut sometimes the ground outside is just too slippery and it is wiser to use the time for a cross-training. Gym, swimming pool or maybe skiing? You choose!

Weather conditions come and go, but your safety as top priority stays. Keep yourself safe and strong!

Obtain a stylish reflective vest to increase your safety!